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We at Lakpura share your passion for travel and work with you to understand your dream holiday including your idea of a good time, perfect locations and moments that you wish to create. Once we know what you truly desire, we pool together our plethora of travel insights and resources to design your ideal holiday getaway plan. Our own extensive knowledge and cordial relations with Sri Lanka’s travel arena allow us to plan a simple hotel stay or a complex itinerary of weeks of fun and relaxation equally well. If you simply want us to be your booking agent and plan the holiday yourself, we will offer you our services with the same commitment.

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Sri Lanka

Being an ancient kingdom, Sri Lanka has preserved its most precious treasures, its culture and tradition. An integral part of this is its cuisine. Sri Lankan cuisine has many influences from varied destinations such as North and South India, Persia, Malaysia, Holland and Portugal. Rice, which is usually consumed daily, can be found at any special occasion, while spicy curries are a favorite dish for lunch and dinner. Fish curry is a specialty. Having a history marked by four centuries of colonial rule, the country still manages to safeguard remnants from the past..

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Around Sri Lanka in 365 Days

You can enjoy the wonders of this isle of vibrant hues and sounds all-year around but some interesting festivities and wildlife gatherings take place…

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Why Travel With Us?

As those who know Sri Lanka inside out will tell you, it is a treasure trove of bliss and hidden wonders. We’ve been to every nook and corner of the island…

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Popular Holiday Types

As well as our amazing destinations we offer a great range of holiday types from all inclusive holidays, wedding abroad, honeymoons, safaris, escorted tours and much more.

Featured Holidays

Our monthly featured holidays are carefully selected based on its popularity, seasonality and journey.

Hidden Voyages

Immerse in a perfectly sun-kissed holiday through the hills in Kandy and the untouched foot paths of Gal Oya. A sense of luxury while exploring the unknown.

15 Days from $2,900 pp

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Serendipity Trail

Roam the cultural wonders of Sri Lanka and indulge in authentic Sri Lankan cuisine while basking away on a collection of truly amazing locations.

15 Days from $3,400 pp

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A Week in Paradise

A quick run across the island exploring its amazing culture, heritage, wildlife and bustling cityscapes. The ultimate 7 day holiday in Sri Lanka.

7 Days from $1,400 pp

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