• Visit Sorabora Wewa and Ulhitiya Wewa Reservoir
  • View along 18 Bend Road
  • Tour of Mahiyangana Temple
  • Visit Dambana Veddah Village
  • Visit Veddah museum


This tour takes you to see the primitive tribes of Sri Lanka, the Veddahs. Enjoy the view along the way. Visit Sorabora Wewa and Ulhitiya Wewa, which provide water to the locals. Tour the Mahiyangana Temple on reaching the historic town of Mahiyangana. Travel through the wilderness to the Dambana Veddah village.   Get to see this community of incredibly traditional primitive tribe, who still live off the land by hunting and farming. Enjoy looking at the small and intimate museum that has been set up to showcase the various equipment the Veddas have used to fish and hunt over the centuries.

What You Can Expect

You will be starting this tour from your hotel in Kandy at approximately  0700 hrs. Your chauffeur guide picks you up and take you on a drive along the famous 18 Bend Road to Mahiyangana. 18 Bend Road is well known for being one of the most dangerous and spectacular roads in the world. While the recent road renovations which widened the road have reduced the danger factor; the road still remains an amazing experience with dramatic views over the valley of Mahiyangana.

The next place you will visit lies within the valley and is of great archaeological value. Sorabora Wewa (also known as the Sea of Bintenna) is an ancient reservoir believed to have been constructed over two millennia ago, in the era of King Dutugemunu. Created by damming Diyawanna Oya with a 485m embankment; the reservoir uses the natural rock around it to its advantage to form a channel that acts like a sluice gate. You will be able to observe this unique sluice gate as you walk along the embankment. Your next stop along the way will be Ulhitiya Reservoir, one of the most important reservoirs in the area; formed by the damming of Ulhitiya Oya, a tributary of Mahaweli River. After learning more about the history of this reservoir, you will be continuing on to Mahiyangana. You will reach this historic city by approximately 0930 hrs.

It is said that this is the site of Lord Buddha’s first visit to Sri Lanka. The Mahiyangana Temple initially began its life a tiny stupa enshrining a handful of Buddha’s hair and was the very first stupa of the island. Later in 543 BC, an Arahant named Sarabhu brought the Buddha's left collar bone, recovered from his funeral pyre, and enshrined it alongside his hair whilst also enlarging the stupa to 18 feet in height. Subsequent kings continued to enlarge the stupa until it reached its current size. The temple was renovated approximately four decades ago and continues to be a peaceful and historic sight. You will be visiting this temple and learning more about it.

At approximately 1000 hrs you will be starting the hike to the Dambana Veddah village. You will get there by approximately 1030 hrs. There you will be introduced to the community of primitives and will get to see their rustic homes and lifestyles. These tribes feed themselves primarily from hunting, with a little farming added in. The hunters of the tribe will explain their innovative ways of catching prey such as rabbit, deer, and wild boar from the forests that surround the area. You may also be able to join them if they are leaving for a short hunt during the period you are there. They may let you try out their primitive longbows and arrows too. At approximately 1230 hrs you will be leaving the village and returning to Mahiyangana. Once you get there you can choose to have lunch at one of the restaurants there (At your own expense). You will then be returning to your hotel in Kandy completing your tour by approximately 1500 hrs.

Additional Notes - Comfortable walking shoes recommended for this tour. Photography stops on the way can be arranged but within locations with reasonable parking areas.

What's Included

  • Transport throughout the tour with an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Service of an English-Speaking Chauffer Guide.
  • 1 Liter of Bottled Mineral Water Per Person.
  • Hotel Pick & Drop.
  • All Taxes & Service Charges.

What's Excluded

  • Entrance Fees (Vedda Village, Mahiyangala Temple).
  • Food or Drinks.
  • Gratuities (Optional).
  • Expenses of Personal Nature. 

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