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Romantic Getaways

Sensation of the World – 14 Days Tour

What is that you would expect in a vacation? Exploring the mountains and climbing them? Or a tour with culture and history through an archaeological site? Or an adventurous tour with hikes and safaris in the Wildlife? Or a relaxing beach stay? Experience all that in one tour. Experience Adventure, Culture, Nature, Heritage and even a relaxing beach stay in this tour to Paradise Island. Explore the prevailing Ruins of the Ancient Kingdoms of Polonnaruwa and the last Kingdom of Sri Lanka, Kandy. Wander in the Rock Fortress of Sigiriya and see the marvels of the ancient rulers. Roam in the misty hills and finally relax in the coasts of the south.

Heritage and Beach – 14 Days Tour

Witness the marvels of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, wander in the plains and hills of the central region of Sri Lanka. Explore the cultural triangle and the sites within it. Wander in the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and the Kandyan Kingdom, the Temple of the Tooth Relic. Walk among the ruins in Polonnaruwa and go on a lovely safari in the Minneriya and Yala. Get the chance to spot the elusive leopard and the Sri Lankan Slot Bear. Visit the Old Colonial City of Galle and finally relax in the golden coasts of the south.

Relax and Experience – 13 Days Tour

Go on a diverse tour in Sri Lanka like in your dreams, spend your vacation in this island having the experience of diverse environments. Feel the chilled breeze in Nuwara Eliya and explore the Hills, visit the Last Kingdom of Sri Lanka, Kandy and Old Colonial City of Galle. Walk among the coastal belt of the south as the sea breeze touches your skin and the sea tides wash your feet. Explore the famous locations around the coastal belt and finally move to the Kingdom of Lights, Colombo. Explore the streets and the hidden mysteries among them.

Sybaritic Ceylon – 13 Days Tour

Explore the beauties of Paradise. Wander the in the beautiful plains of Horton and through the misty hills of Nuwara Eliya and Ella. Peep into the wildlife in Minneriya and Udawalawe where the Asian Elephants and many other faunas reside. Rest in the beaches of the south and watch the sun setting into the horizon with a sip of King Coconuts. Spend an unforgettable time with the Gentle Giants in Pinnawala. Explore the UNESCO named heritage sites such as the Temple of the Tooth Relic and the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Finally, explore the Commercial City of Sri Lanka, Colombo and wander in the streets tasting the local street foods.

Walk in the Ceylon’s past – 12 Days Tour

Visit the rock fortress of Sigiriya and discover its marvels. Explore the Golden Temple of Dambulla long with its five main caves dedicated to Buddha and Buddhism. See the many pagodas, monasteries and palatial buildings of Polonnaruwa. Visit the highlands of Kandy, the place of the last majestic Kingdom of Sri Lanka. Walk through the streets of Nuwara Eliya with its picturesque colonial architecture and plenty of holiday activities to do. Long relaxing beach stay in Galle where the golden sand, bright blue sea and swaying palms bask in the sunlight.

Walk among the Central plains – 08 Days Tour

This amazing tour through the hill country of Sri Lanka lets you explore some of the most phenomenal locations in Sri Lanka not everyone has the opportunity to experience. A lovely trek through Meemure and its remote village coupled with a trek in Kirigalpoththa, one of Sri Lanka's tallest mountains adds great essence to this trip. Enjoy the lush greenery throughout your tour with a final stop in Colombo to reminisce and bask in authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

Walk amidst Culture and Heritage – 08 Days Tour

Experience a once in a lifetime adventure as a true islander of a tropical Country. Explore the World Famous Sigiriya Rock Fortress and the Temple of the Tooth. Breath the refreshing scent of Spices in Matale and walk in the Sandy Beaches of the South. Get a chance to explore the wilderness in Udawalawe. Visit the central hills and don't forget to enjoy a warm cup of tea while enjoying a tea plucking session. Wander among the local crowd in the city of Galle and get the true sensation of what it feels to live in a country such diversity.

Visit through the Paradise – 09 Days Tour

Explore the central hill country and walk against the breeze. Experience the chilled breeze of the hills and the warmth of the sun in the southern coast. Have a complete experience where you can witness both nature's creations as well as man-made world famous creations. Explore the Rock Fortress of Sigiriya and the Temple of the Tooth Relic which is the Last Kingdom of Sri Lanka. Take a walk in the picturesque city of Nuwara Eliya and spend a never forgetting evening with the Gentle Giants in Pinnawala. Have a true Sri Lankan experience by enjoying a cup of tea and some King Coconuts.

Aisle through the Pearl – 06 Days Tour

Go on a vacation of your dreams, visit the Last Kingdom of Sri Lanka, the hills in Nuwara Eliya and relax in the coasts of Bentota. Commence your vacation with the touch of culture and history of the Kingdom of Kandy, which houses the Temple of the Tooth Relic. Visit the world famous Temple of the Tooth relic and the cultural show presented to you which depicts the prevailing, cherished Sri Lankan Culture. Take your time to visit the Hills of Nuwara Eliya which is known for its beauty and finally relax in the sandy coasts of Bentota feeling the warmth of the sun and the chills of the sea breeze.

Beauties of the hills – 06 Days Tour

This trip is for the nature lover who idolises the masterpieces of nature. Visit the hills country of Nuwara Eliya which is known for its beauty. Wander among the plains of Ella and Haputale and witness their breathtaking locations from your own eyes. Have a true sense of adventure as you take part in Hikes among these hills hidden among the mists. Taste the prevailing culture as you visit the Last Kingdom of Sri Lanka and get a chance to walk among the urbanised streets of the Commercial City of Sri Lanka, Colombo and discover its secrets.

Adventure and Leisure – 11 Days Tour

Make your tour a blend of leisure and adventure. Walk on the sandy beaches and watch the sun slides down to the west in the south western coastal belt. Go on trekking adventures in Horton and safaris in Minneriya where the Gentle giants roam freely in the Wilderness. Have the rare chance to observe the Elephants in both Wilderness and who are reared in the Sanctuary in Pinnawala. Take a tour in the heart of Sri Lanka, Colombo and discover the secrets hidden among the urbanised environment.

Discovering Sanctuary – 11 Days Tour

Discover the sanctuary away from the daily urbanised environment. Explore UNESCO Heritage sites and past kingdoms of the ancient rulers. Walk through the remaining ruins and learn about the ancient Sri Lankan Architecture which designed wonders. Spend an afternoon in the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and witness for yourselves the kind and gentleness of the Giants on land. Spend the latter of the tour in the eastern coast enjoying the warmth of the rising sun and engage in numerous activities available within the region. Do not forget to enjoy a chilled beer while the sun descends into the horizon.

Nature and Coast – 07 Days Tour

Spend your vacation among Wildlife and Nature as enthusiasts. This specially designed tour will cover the Hill Country, the coastal areas, ancient ruled kingdoms as well National Parks. Explore the Last Kingdom of Sri Lanka and hear the stories of the past. Walk through the misty hills in the hill country and the sandy beaches of the south. Get a chance to peep into the untouched wilderness in Yala and spot the elusive Leopard and many other nature's masterpieces. Enjoy a warm cup of tea in the Hill country and a sip of King Coconut while you rest in the coasts of the South. Get a chance to visit the Commercial City of Sri Lanka, Colombo and wander around discovering its secrets.

Glimpse of Sri Lanka – 05 Days Tour

This is the trip for the nature lovers who are amazed by both flora and fauna. Peep into the untouched wilderness in Minneriya and walk among the flora in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Experience the Sri Lankan Traditional culture in the Last Kingdom in Sri Lanka and have a chance to taste the real authentic taste of spices in the Spice Gardens of Matale. Have a once in a lifetime experience.

Island of Wonder – 05 Days Tour

Explore the Island of paradise and walk among the plains of the Central Highlands. Visit the Last Kingdom of Sri Lanka, Kandy and witness the local culture which prevailed throughout the centuries. Have the privilege to walk in the Golden Beaches of Bentota and explore the Old Colonial City of Sri Lanka. Spend an unforgettable evening among the Gentle Giants of Pinnawala. Visit the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery where you can see turtles in diverse breeds varying from hatchlings to fully grown ups. Enjoy your time as the Sun Sets to the Horizon with a Chilled Beer or a fresh King Coconut.


Romantic Escape – 04 Days Tour

Go on a skipping tour through Paradise exploring its beauties of culture and art in an instant. You will walk through the last kingdom of Sri Lanka, and hear the stories of times past. Visit the lush green tea estates of the hill country. Wander around the Commercial City of Colombo and explore its secrets. Have a complete experience of the Paradise Island in a flash.