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Sri Lanka Beach Holidays

R Degrees – Ambalangoda – 07/11/14 Nights

Inspired by the lush tropical environment, R° is a Balinese two-storied luxury villa with a structure that allows the sunlight to stream through, lending it an atmosphere of airiness. Located in Ambalangoda, it is a medley of comfort and solitude heightened by wooden interiors and the surrounding Indian Ocean that invites a sense of absolute ease. Complete with a team that takes immense pleasure in providing essentially Sri Lankan hospitality, this tranquil escape opens a world of tropical warmth and unrestrained relaxation.

Dickwella Resort – Dickwella – 07/11/14 Nights

Dickwella Resort and Spa is a 3-star hotel located in Dickwella, along Sri Lanka’s southern coastline; tucked away on a peninsula bordered on either side by the Indian Ocean. The region of Dickwella is known for its immaculate beaches and the living coral reef which is found beneath exquisite turquoise waters. The resort is a landmark of the area; providing a tropical paradise for those who are weary of the bustling city and worries that come with life, and wish only to enjoy the tranquillity of a seaside setting.

Amor Villa – Unawatuna – 06/10/13 Nights

Amor Villa is a delightful colonial house in Dalawella-Unawatuna, a beautiful coastal village in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It has been lovingly restored retaining much of its original charm. Amor borders one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches south of Sri Lanka, with golden sunsets adding to its splendor. The villa offers wonderful holidays with great hospitality, where every need is taken care of; and spectacular views of the beaches and Indian Ocean.

Club Hotel Dolphin – Negombo

Club Hotel Dolphin is a large family hotel along a stretch of sun kissed beaches in tropical Negombo. Shaded with fringy palms it provides the best of rest and relaxation with plenty of fun activities for everybody regardless of age. The hotel provides all the facilities necessary for a delightful holiday in the tropics.

The Eden Resort – Beruwala – 07/11/14 Nights

The Eden Resort and Spa is a member of the Browns Hotels and Resorts Group. It has a wonderful design that suggests the ultimate tropical paradise. Everything from palm islands and clear turquoise water, to sun loungers and sandy shores; have been created naturally within the resort itself, to the backdrop of the actual sea, white sand and brilliant sun. The resort has won several awards for its design and service.

Cinnamon Bey – Beruwala – 07/10/14 Nights

Cinnamon Bey Beruwala is one of the largest resorts along the southern coastline. With 6 specialized dining options, 200 rooms and a grand Turkish theme; the diverse offerings make the entire resort a big experience. The open and lush design of Cinnamon Bey Beruwala pays tribute to the Arabian traders who first disembarked on the shores of the island in the 10th century; and was created by Channa Daswatte, a talented local architect. Cinnamon Bey is Green Globe-Certified, along with having a Leeds Gold certification.


Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon – Hikkaduwa – 07/10/14 Nights

Hikka Tranz is a very hip resort hotel by the beach which is home to trance music, vibrant colors and crashing waves. Located in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka’s party central; it blends eclectic doses of comfort with images, sounds and a transient atmosphere. With walls lined with graffiti, murals and outrageous art installations; this member of the Cinnamon group is a unique offering that reflects the city’s musical influence and artistic creativity.

Cantaloupe Aqua – Thalpe

Cantaloupe AQUA is a leading holiday resort in Talpe, Unawatuna. It portrays the ultimate tropical getaway with its clean contemporary spaces, chic design and great comfort. The hotel is also enhanced by its wonderful beach and great facilities.

Coastal belt of Sri Lanka – 15 Days Tour

This is a vacation which focuses mainly in the coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Visit the coast of the Rising sun, the east and the coast of the setting sun in the southwestern coast. Spend the days of your vacation with the blue sea and the tides which it forms. Take time to visit the Last Kingdom of Sri Lanka, Kandy and explore the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and the Rock Fortress of Sigiriya. Engage in the adventure the coast provides and enjoy a sip of a King Coconut while sitting in the beach watching as the sun sets to the Horizon.

Culture and coast – 12 Days Tour

Experience a once in a lifetime adventure as a true islander of a tropical Country. Explore the World Famous Sigiriya Rock Fortress and the Temple of the Tooth. Breath the refreshing scent of Spices in Matale and walk in the Sandy Beaches of the South. Get a chance to explore the Commercial City of Sri Lanka, Colombo and taste the local street food while enjoying a walk in the Galle Face Green while the sun sets. Wander among the local crowd in the city and get the true sensation of what it feels to live in a country such diversity.

Extended South Coast Tour – 08 Days Tour

A special trip to Sri Lanka for people who wish to have a relaxing holiday, and have a break from their stressful lifestyle. Taking you through the central highlands of Sri Lanka, at a perfect pace where you could explore the culture and heritage of our beautiful island leisurely. A few days in Nuwara Eliya and Ella will offer you some breath-taking sceneries, and finally towards the end the tour with a peaceful beach holiday in Galle, where you could relax and chill out to the cool breeze of the ocean.

Southern Beaches of Serendib – 10 Days Tour

Explore the central hill country and walk against the breeze. Experience the chilled breeze of the hills and the warmth of the sun in the southern coast. Have a complete experience where you can witness both nature's creations as well as man-made world famous creations. Explore the Rock Fortress of Sigiriya and the Temple od the Tooth Relic which is the Last Kingdom of Sri Lanka. Take a walk in the picturesque city of Nuwara Eliya and taste the real taste of Spices in the Spice Gardens of Matale. Have a true Sri Lankan experience by enjoying a cup of tea and some King Coconuts.

Golden Coasts of the South – 07 Days Tour

Escape from the daily urbanised city environment and spend the vacation in your dreams relaxing in the southern Coastal Belt. Experience the Rising Sun and Setting Sun warm your skin and the sea breeze blows by you relieving you from the stress. Explore the beautiful coastal area and walk through the beaches as the tides touch your feet. Enjoy the numerous activities set around the southern coastal belt and have a once in a lifetime relaxed vacation and the true sensation of an Islander.


Relief in the South – 04 Days Tour

Spend the days of your vacation enjoying the tides in the southern coast. Feel the warmth of the rising sun in the bright morning and enjoy the setting sun by the horizon. Walk through the sandy coasts and experience the true sensation an islander. Explore the old Colonial city of Galle and walk through the ancient creations.