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Sri Lanka Adventure Holidays

Adrenaline junkies and enthusiastic explorers will find much sport in this tropical paradise blessed with many water ways, forest cover and ranges of majestic mountains that hide many secrets. We can organize thrilling surf adventures, hikes and camping in the thick of the jungle and help you climb challenging hills. You can go whitewater rafting in Kithulgala and brave the waves in Arugam bay.

Romantic Getaways

The sheer, scintillating beauty of this tropical paradise will act as a memorable backdrop for your love story to unfold. Share the vibrant hues and cozy adventures in the seas, wilds surrounded by a country with a deep soul with your significant other. You can select your favourite combination of getaways from our vast collection of itineries and we will help you savour an idyllic holiday with your partner.

Senior Citizen Tours

Sri Lanka can offer you fresh air suffused with a green tinge, seaside strolls, delicious food to linger over and all the creature comforts that you require. A vast number of hotels and resorts offer spa days, Ayurvedic regimes and even ‘panchakarma’ in luxurious settings. If you prefer an adventure in the wild or waters, we can arrange that too. Or perhaps you prefer a balanced combination of leisure and adventure? We’ve got you covered there too.

Sri Lanka Beach Holidays

Beautiful blue lagoons, silky white sand, adventurous surf points and salty sensual turquoise waters surround the paradise isle. Come explore the wonderous seas and the serene beaches of Sri Lanka with Lakpura. You could stay at a chic boutique hotel, feast on fresh seafood and sip fruity cocktails by the sea or go on sea adventures and have memorable encounters with vibrant sea creatures.

Sri Lanka Short Escapes

Looking for a short escape for a temporary get away from your busy schedule? Given its compact yet wonder filled environs, Sri Lanka is perhaps one of the best options available. We can organize short spa holidays at Ayurvedic resorts or a serene beach holiday in a secluded spot. If you are up for thrill seeking weekend, we’ve got you covered. Name your desires and we will select or plan the perfect short holiday for you from our assortment of resources and know-how.

Sri Lanka Wildlife Holidays

Sri Lanka is blessed with an exhilarating range of wildlife and tropical and sub-tropical forest cover for these creatures to thrive. You can observe wildlife up close and personal on your many safaris across the island. Witness the stealthy leopards soak up sunlight on a rock, watch herds of majestic elephnats saunter towards water holes of an evening and listen to the birdsongs before you capture their flight. You can camp out in the wilderness under the protective supervision of pros and sail the turquoise seas to see whales and dolphins.

Sri Lanka Golf Holidays

Sri Lanka’s three world class golf courses (18-hole) are found in Colombo and the lush green hills of Kandy and the even more beautiful vistas of Nuwara Eliya. Golf tours in this beautiful island will beckon you to enjoy the indulgent hospitality of star class hotels that showers you with the old world luxurious charm. Play golf and dine on strawberries, tea and ambrosia.

Boutique Holidays

Find bliss and luxurious ease at a series of chic boutique hotels and spas surrounded by the many hued and exotic beauty of Sri Lanka’s land and seascapes. Our Boutique Escapes will take you to high end resorts set in beautiful locations around the island. Let go of your stress and savour the pampering you receive at the many spas. Enjoy delectable meals under the blue skies and escape into your own little haven on earth.

Family Friendly Holidays

We’ve got a wealth of travel plans and ideas for the whole familySri Lanka is a treasure trove full of wildlife adventures, seascapes, green vistas and plenty of fun and games for both adults and children. You and the little ones can meet baby elephants in orphanages, explore National parks, snorkel the shallow waters and chase bubbly waves on a beautiful beach.